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2576 NE Miami Gardens Dr
Aventura FL 33180

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Mon: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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Why Should You Visit The Most Acclaimed Ceviche Restaurant In Deerfield Beach?

South American cuisine is usually considered spicy yet full of flavors. People know about dishes like fajita, nachos, tacos, cullo on pollo, and several other dishes. However, when asked about delicacies like Tallarines Verdes con churrasco, Arroz con Mariscos, Ceviche Toston, or Ceviche Carretillero, most people don’t have a clue. For that, you must come to our restaurant, the Sr Ceviche, which is often called the best Ceviche Restaurant in Deerfield Beach. 

Ceviche is traditionally prepared with seafood but not cooked in the heat. A broad and tantalizing array of flavors makes this dish a popular South American delicacy.

A place with a heart

Any food-lover worth their mettle will agree that there shouldn’t even be the mention of a comparison between pizza from the streets of Italy and an American pizza chain. The most obvious difference comes from not the ingredients but the heart and soul the Nona’s put into it. Our restaurant is considered among the best Spanish restaurant in Deerfield Beach because they have the toils and experiences of a family and its generations.

The executive chefs have received training in the soils of Peru, which imbibed them with the flavors of Peruvian cuisine and created a passion for the food. They channeled that passion into a family-run Peruvian restaurant in Deerfield Beach, South Florida. It was the first of the many they grew into afterward, and they remain active and participate in all steps of serving their customers from the kitchen to the table.

Recognized by the ethnic population

If you search a little harder, you will find many Seafood restaurants in Deerfield Beach serving different delicacies of South American cuisine. However, when the inhabitants of the original country award you with their appreciation, we are indeed doing something others aren’t. In 2014, after we had opened our first restaurant, we received a prize known as the “Oscar of the Traditional Ceviche” from the consul of Peru for our dish “The Ceviche Clásico.” We have also received awards for our “Leche de Tigre” and trophies for “best quinoa gourmet” from the Peru Fest ARMAP.

If you are unsure about the experience you will get, visit us and let us open the door for a new gastronomic utopia for you. We will serve you cooked-to-order dishes because we acknowledge the difference in everyone’s pallets and incorporate our customers’ preferences.

Signing off

South American cuisine is balanced, meaning it has received diverse inputs of constituents, cooking techniques, and flavors throughout its history. In the end, its famous delicacies have amalgamated many flavor profiles across different regions, including coasts, jungles, and mountains. In our Latin restaurant in Deerfield Beach, our learned chefs incorporate the influences of indigenous populations and the worldwide-spread immigrants. Our patrons revel in the rainbow of unexplored flavors once they try a new dish.

So, come to our internationally-recognized South American restaurants, where we promise to open your eye to a new world of tastes, smells, and flavors.

Enjoy Our Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Los platos típicos del Perú han ganado popularidad en todo el mundo. Entre 2012 y 2019, nuestras hazañas culinarias nos dieron el honor de ser el Destino Culinario Líder del Mundo, según los World Travel Awards. Es por eso que nuestros platos se promocionan en ciudades como Miami, Nueva York hasta Londres y Tokio.

La diversidad de ingredientes de varias regiones, desde la costa a la sierra y la selva, así como la influencia de la vida indígena, la mezcla de sabores traídas por generaciones de inmigrantes de todo el mundo, Han combinado un sabor único en toda su región y reconocido a nivel internacional.
Para llegar a ser una cocina deliciosa y agradable al paladar que el mundo entero disfruta. Entre nuestros platos típicos peruanos más conocido está el ceviche, ají de gallina, causa límeña, lomo saltado, tacu tacu entre otros. Tenemos mil razones para que no dejes de probar todas nuestras delicias.