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Top 4 Peruvian Dishes to Try at Sr Ceviche Restaurant in Lighthouse Point

We, from Sr Ceviche Restaurant in Lighthouse Point, are well-known for serving high-quality, quick, and fresh Peruvian dishes to our customers. We have been serving the people of Lighthouse Point for countless years, and we also look for various ways to offer outstanding service from our side. 

Even though we serve many kinds of Peruvian delicacies at our Sr Ceviche Restaurant in Lighthouse Point, there are several dishes that have been voted to be the most popular among the locals. 

These dishes are also in high demand during special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. These dishes are:


Among all the other dishes at our Peruvian Restaurant, Ceviche is the most popular dish. This is made of raw fish with some limo pepper and fresh citrus juice, either lemon or lime. This dish is known as the Ceviche Clasico

But we serve various versions of this cold dish to our customers, which our customers also enjoy. Some of the popular ones are Ceviche de Rocoto, Ceviche Criollo, Ceviche Verde, Ceviche Carretillero Mixto, and Ceviche Toston


At a Peruvian RestaurantEntradas is known as the starter. We, at times, serve them with Chicha or Maracuja Juice, which is a well-known drink in Peru. The drink is made from purple corn, along with several types of spices.

Under the starter’s category, our Latin Restaurant in Lighthouse Point serves many different mouth-water delicacies. Some of these are: 

  • Tamal [Seasoned and mined meat packed within a dough made from cornmeal].Ocopa [Sliced potatoes with peanut sauce and Peruvian herbs].
  • Yuca a la Huancaina [Deep fried yucca served with cheese and yellow pepper sauce]. 
  • Chicharron de Pescado [Deep Fried Fish]

Chaufa con Mariscos 

This is another popular dish at our Latin Restaurant in Lighthouse Point, and it’s loved and enjoyed by children the most. This is a Chinese-Peruvian dish that contains fried rice mixed with either meat, chicken, or seafood. 

Customers are free to choose what they want in their fried rice, and the chef will make sure to add it. The dish contains a wide range of flavors, and it’s made from Chinese spices to add a rich taste. It’s light, and customers can consume it with their favorite side dish. 

Tacu Tacu 

Customers will also get to try out Tacu Tacu at our Latin Restaurant in Lighthouse Point. This dish is known as the Peruvian version of the “refried rice and beans,” and it comes from the Crillo tradition. 

Our Spanish Restaurant is well-known for serving various kinds of “Tacu Tacu,” such as the Tacu Tacu con Pollo Saltado, Tacu Tacu con Langostinos, and Tacu Tacu con Lomo Saltado. 

We also serve the Tacu Tacu Especial, which contains beans, rice, fried tortilla, paired sauteed tenderloin, plantain, and fried egg. Tacu Tacu is known for the rich culinary diversity of Peru mixed with grandmother’s home cooking. 


 A proper Spanish Restaurant will certainly serve different types of soup, enabling people to try out something new every time they wish to try something from the soup category. We, too, serve many kinds of soups, and each of them carries a different taste. 

Some of the soups that we serve at our well-known Peruvian-style Seafood Restaurant are: 

  • Chupe de Camarones [Peruvian Shrimp Chowder]
  • Pariheula [Fish and Seafood Soup]
  • Chupe de Pescado [Peruvian Fish Chowder]

Visit Sr Ceviche at Lighthouse Point to Try Some Peruvian-Style Cuisine

We from Sr Ceviche offer high-quality and fresh food to each of our customers. Even though we are known as a Seafood Restaurant here at Lighthouse Point, we also serve meat-based food items mixed with various spices and ingredients to offer a rich flavor. Call us today for reversation, or visit our Restaurant here in Lighthouse Point!

Enjoy Our Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Los platos típicos del Perú han ganado popularidad en todo el mundo. Entre 2012 y 2019, nuestras hazañas culinarias nos dieron el honor de ser el Destino Culinario Líder del Mundo, según los World Travel Awards. Es por eso que nuestros platos se promocionan en ciudades como Miami, Nueva York hasta Londres y Tokio.

La diversidad de ingredientes de varias regiones, desde la costa a la sierra y la selva, así como la influencia de la vida indígena, la mezcla de sabores traídas por generaciones de inmigrantes de todo el mundo, Han combinado un sabor único en toda su región y reconocido a nivel internacional.
Para llegar a ser una cocina deliciosa y agradable al paladar que el mundo entero disfruta. Entre nuestros platos típicos peruanos más conocido está el ceviche, ají de gallina, causa límeña, lomo saltado, tacu tacu entre otros. Tenemos mil razones para que no dejes de probar todas nuestras delicias.