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Head Down to Sr Ceviche Restaurant in Margate and Try the Authentic Peruvian Delicacies

Peruvian cuisine is well-known for being a blend of international and local flavors. Rooted within indigenous traditions, Peruvian food has obtained plenty of influence from various cultures, such as Asian, European, and African, in the past 100 years. 

In return, it led to the creation of fusion cuisine that helps reflects the multicultural history of Peruvian soil. But if foodies want to try some Peruvian food, they can head to Sr Ceviche Restaurant, a well-known and reputed restaurant in Margate. 

We offer mouth-watering and authentic Peruvian delicacies, which are made out of the freshest ingredients and made by professional and hardworking chefs.

Come and try our delicious Peruvian dishes

Peruvian cuisine has gained worldwide popularity, and we from Sr Ceviche Restaurant serve the most authentic dishes to our customers. 

After Peruvian cuisine was honored and is known as the “World’s Best Cuisine. Due to such reasons, the cuisine has been publicized in various cities, which includes Tokyo, London, New York, and Miami. Our Peruvian Restaurant utilizes a wide range of ingredients that come from different regions, right from the mountains and coast to the jungle. 

The cuisine at our Peruvian Restaurant also carries some influence from the indigenous life and also a blend of flavors brought in from all the immigrants across the globe. This helped create a unique flavor across the whole region and has been globally recognized. 

Our chefs, here in our Spanish Restaurant in Margate, work hard to create palatable and delicious cuisine which our customers will enjoy. We make sure that our customers are delighted not just with our food but also with the service. 

Popular dishes to try at our Restaurant

At our Spanish Restaurant in Margate, customers can have a taste of all types of Peruvian food items, but there are some popular ones that are worth giving a try. These are: 

  • Chicharron de Calamar [Deep Fried Calamari]
  • Lomo Saltado [Sauteed Beef]
  • Chaufa de Pollo o Carnes [Beef or Chicken Fried Rice]
  • Aji de Galina [Chicken in Creamy and Spicy Peruvian Sauce]
  • Ceviche Clasico [Fish and Limo Sauce]

Apart from these dishes, our customers will come across several Peruvian-style dishes at our Spanish Restaurant in Margate, and all dishes are freshly made by our chefs. Moreover, we always utilize the best-quality ingredients and spices to create our dishes. 

Why choose our Peruvian Restaurant?

Yes, we are well aware of all the other Latin Restaurants located in Margate. But we from Sr Ceviche are not like the others. Our job is to serve fresh and good quality food to our customers and make sure that we never get to run out of any ingredients. 

As one of the reputed Latin Restaurants in Margate, we create traditional and fusion-style delicacies so our customers can try something unique whenever they visit our eatery. We do not leave any room for complaints and make sure to give each of our customer’s world-class service. 

Sr Ceviche Offers World Class Peruvian-Style Food in Margate

Peruvian cuisine has become universally popular, and we from Sr Ceviche are honored to serve fusion and traditional Peruvian delicacies to our customers. Being Margate’s best and most well-known Seafood Restaurant, we offer the best quality food to all the customers.

Besides that, our Seafood Restaurant is a family-friend eatery where people can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and even small family get-togethers without hassle. So, come visit us in Margate and enjoy the best and authentic Peruvian food of all time!

Enjoy Our Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Los platos típicos del Perú han ganado popularidad en todo el mundo. Entre 2012 y 2019, nuestras hazañas culinarias nos dieron el honor de ser el Destino Culinario Líder del Mundo, según los World Travel Awards. Es por eso que nuestros platos se promocionan en ciudades como Miami, Nueva York hasta Londres y Tokio.

La diversidad de ingredientes de varias regiones, desde la costa a la sierra y la selva, así como la influencia de la vida indígena, la mezcla de sabores traídas por generaciones de inmigrantes de todo el mundo, Han combinado un sabor único en toda su región y reconocido a nivel internacional.
Para llegar a ser una cocina deliciosa y agradable al paladar que el mundo entero disfruta. Entre nuestros platos típicos peruanos más conocido está el ceviche, ají de gallina, causa límeña, lomo saltado, tacu tacu entre otros. Tenemos mil razones para que no dejes de probar todas nuestras delicias.