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2576 NE Miami Gardens Dr
Aventura FL 33180

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Mon: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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Wed: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thu: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri: 11:30 AM – 11:00 AM
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Dining at Sr Ceviche in Coral Springs: 3 Primary Reasons to Do So!

Coral Springs offers a family-like setting, have top-rated schools, and many cafes. But people can also get the chance to some rich and authentic delicacies at the Peruvian Restaurant known as Sr Ceviche.

We offer authentic and fusion-style delicacies to the people of Broward County, which are healthy and delicious at the same time. At the Peruvian Restaurant, we do not use low-quality products to create our dishes and make sure that the food we serve is to our customer’s liking.

Our job is to be sure that each of our customers is satisfied with our service so that they can visit us again when they crave some traditional Peruvian delicacies.

What are the reasons to dine at our Sr Ceviche Restaurant in Coral Springs?

Yes, we know other Peruvian-style Ceviche Restaurants in Coral Springs, but we from Sr Ceviche are not like the other eateries out there. There are several reasons why people dine at our Restaurant, and we have listed the reasons below:

Customers will get to try different flavors 

We from Ceviche Restaurant in Coral Springs believe that Peruvian food is pretty unique. It’s because it contains a harmonious mix of culinary influences across the globe, ancient cooking methods, and indigenous ingredients.

At our Seafood Restaurant, our customers will experience diverse and rich flavors of Peruvian food, from the tangy Ceviche made out of fresh fish to savory and hearty Lomo Saltado.

Every dish at our Seafood Restaurant is crafted meticulously with great care and also puts plenty of special attention to detail. That way, we can display the unique textures and flavors that make Peruvian cuisine special.

We offer an inviting and warm setting

Here at our Spanish Restaurant, our customers will find an intimate and cozy setting, making it perfect for all occasions and events.

Our Restaurant is family-friendly, and we operate with a commitment to the pleasure of dining and the craft of cooking. The inviting and warm ambiance at Latin Restaurant in Coral Springs is ideal for a special celebration, family get-togethers, parties, and romantic date nights.

We use authentic and fresh ingredients

One of the primary things in Peruvian food is to utilize authentic and fresh ingredients. At our Spanish Restaurant, customers can certainly assume nothing less.

The professionals at Sr Ceviche take pride in sourcing all the freshest and finest ingredients to make all the dishes, from vibrant produce and tender meat to luscious seafood.

The usage of traditional Peruvian ingredients helps in ensuring that every dish at our Latin Restaurant in Coral Springs is bursting with all the authentic flavors. This also enables us to capture the essence of Peruvian food greatly.

Visit Sr Ceviche to Try Authentic Peruvian Food Today!

We from Sr Ceviche take our work seriously when serving high-quality and delicious Peruvian cuisine. Our professional chefs work extremely hard to ensure that every dish is made perfectly so that our customers revisit us to try our food.

We use the freshest ingredients and the best-quality spices, mostly shipped from Peru. So, don’t think twice!! Head down to Sr Ceviche today for an outstanding Peruvian food experience.

Enjoy Our Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Los platos típicos del Perú han ganado popularidad en todo el mundo. Entre 2012 y 2019, nuestras hazañas culinarias nos dieron el honor de ser el Destino Culinario Líder del Mundo, según los World Travel Awards. Es por eso que nuestros platos se promocionan en ciudades como Miami, Nueva York hasta Londres y Tokio.

La diversidad de ingredientes de varias regiones, desde la costa a la sierra y la selva, así como la influencia de la vida indígena, la mezcla de sabores traídas por generaciones de inmigrantes de todo el mundo, Han combinado un sabor único en toda su región y reconocido a nivel internacional.
Para llegar a ser una cocina deliciosa y agradable al paladar que el mundo entero disfruta. Entre nuestros platos típicos peruanos más conocido está el ceviche, ají de gallina, causa límeña, lomo saltado, tacu tacu entre otros. Tenemos mil razones para que no dejes de probar todas nuestras delicias.