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The Hidden Flavor Gems of the Most Authentic Ceviche Restaurant in Sunny Isles

Are you looking for an eating place for the most traditional South American food? Do you like fish smothered in exciting citrusy flavor? Would you like a place where the most fundamental ingredients reach gourmet status? If all of your answers to these questions are yes, you must visit the most well-known Ceviche restaurant in Sunny Isles. Our menu options and variety of dishes are massive. We also cater for wedding receptions, private or corporate events, engagement parties, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and other programs.

Bringing traditional flavor profiles into life

Although it may look like a sophisticated dish on the high tables, ceviche has a humble yet ancient origin. It is prepared by marinating diced bits of raw seafood in a concoction predominantly containing lime juice or lemon. The acidic component of the citrus fruit ‘cooks’ the marine protein until it becomes opaque and infuses the flavor. The scientific name for this process is denaturing, and it achieves a similar effect to heat cooking. After that, it is mixed with delicious and colorful ingredients like cilantro, onions, and pepper.

We at Sr Ceviche, the most local-favored Peruvian restaurant in Sunny Isles, take this uncomplicated recipe and makes it into a refreshing dish with the freshest seafood and brilliant flavors.

Family-owned and managed restaurant

Our most preferred Seafood restaurant in Sunny Isles prepares the best food and offers a culinary experience to remember as a family and their generations run it. Our executive chefs completed their culinary training in Peru and developed a passion for Peruvian food at that time. They decided to share their passion and, with the help of their families, opened a restaurant now dubbed among the few “must visit” Spanish restaurants in Sunny Isles. 

The authenticity of our flavors became a much-appreciated aspect among the clients, and we started receiving recognition within a year of our opening. The Consul of Peru in Miami awarded us the “Oscar of the Traditional Ceviche” and recognized our dish as the “Best Traditional Ceviche in Florida” in June 2013. We have also won trophies for our dishes at the Peru Fest ARMAP. The family personally oversees every process and their steps and doesn’t hesitate to get involved where needed, from the kitchen to the table. We are constantly growing and spreading the magical South American cuisine in different parts of the country.

Pleasing the palate of the world

Our fame as the “must-go-to Latin restaurant in Sunny Isles” comes from our never-ending effort to maintain the authenticity of the different dishes. The cuisine, like others, has received different input of techniques and ingredients across its history and, in the end, has created a flavor profile specific to a region. We try to keep the sources of these elements genuine and acquire them from coasts, mountains, and jungles. Our recipes incorporate the influences of indigenous lives and flavors added by a different generation of diverse immigrants worldwide, making us one of the internationally-recognized South American restaurants.So, we invite you to experience our immensely flavorful and delicious dishes – infused with the love of a family and generations of expertise.

Enjoy Our Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Los platos típicos del Perú han ganado popularidad en todo el mundo. Entre 2012 y 2019, nuestras hazañas culinarias nos dieron el honor de ser el Destino Culinario Líder del Mundo, según los World Travel Awards. Es por eso que nuestros platos se promocionan en ciudades como Miami, Nueva York hasta Londres y Tokio.

La diversidad de ingredientes de varias regiones, desde la costa a la sierra y la selva, así como la influencia de la vida indígena, la mezcla de sabores traídas por generaciones de inmigrantes de todo el mundo, Han combinado un sabor único en toda su región y reconocido a nivel internacional.
Para llegar a ser una cocina deliciosa y agradable al paladar que el mundo entero disfruta. Entre nuestros platos típicos peruanos más conocido está el ceviche, ají de gallina, causa límeña, lomo saltado, tacu tacu entre otros. Tenemos mil razones para que no dejes de probar todas nuestras delicias.